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We help Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and Graphic Designers, create better presentations faster and easier.


Our Services

SPLAT Creative is a whole of project agency - from concept or site reference, through to 2D plans, 3D visualisations or a full presentation - and more!
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A staple for successfull architects and interior designers, renders and other visual tools provide for the best possible communication with the client.

Video Animation

Animated 3D visualisation and walk-through presentations add impact and improve comprehension.

Graphic Design

The principles of good graphic design underpin all of what we produce. As qualified designers we have the skills to supply a range of complimentary services.

UI/UX Design

It's all about getting your message accross!
We create a framework to analyse information in, and formulate information out - to achieve a result.

Site Evaluation

Much more than drawing plans and illustration, we visit your site, evaluate, measure, and create!.
(Defined service locations.)

3D Product Modelling

Accurate furnishings for interior designers, equipment prototyping for engineering, or education and site logistics for construction.

Why we are Different

As graphic designers and 3D visualisers with a practical background in finishes and design for building and construction, we have a unique skill set.

Design Based

Our work is based on underlying fundamental principles of good design.

Fully Responsive

Like a good web site or prestige car. We inherently respond to our client's ideas.


We bring a breadth of design based experience to every project.

Video Presentations

We create engaging digital presentations in ways your audience can relate to.

Parallax Solutions

We look at issues from different perspectives - to achieve better results.

Hit the ground running

Sometimes the only way to get the info you need is to visit the site. We do that!

Our Latest Video

Full length intro for Interior Designers - to show how we can make their job easier - 2:34.
(click here for preview - 1:00)

Our Work

A selection of projects - work in progress, completed jobs, 3D art, animation, VR, video.

Service Packages

Want to know how much your job will cost? With our fixed rate packages you can price your next job with confidence. Choose one that suits you - or contact us to chat about your needs.

Basics Pack

  • Suited to builders, manufacturers, property agents, designers.
    Excellent for print or digital presentations of products or properties.
  • 3D plan views from your CAD (x2)
  • Non-photo real 3D views (x6)
  • Choice of 3 presentation styles
  • Branded with your company info
  • 1 product or internal property space
  • 2 draft revisions
  • Limited support

Rapid Render

  • Perfect for product concepts and property development approvals.
    Ideal for interior designers for concept approval (VR).
  • Styled 3D visualisation
  • Mid level post processing
  • 48 hour turnaround
  • Choice of 5 render views or VR
  • 1 product or internal property space
  • 2 draft revisions
  • Unlimited support

Branded Video

  • Best solution for professional presentations. Perfect for advertising and promos.
    For architects and designers needing to impress on a project, but with a tight budget.
  • 60 second visualisation MP4 video
  • Branded intro, plus identified items (x5)
  • Dedicated url for client viewing
  • Up to 5 area views
  • Up to 3 bespoke items
  • Up to 5 draft revisions
  • Unlimited support




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We Don't Blog!

Our job is to make you look good, not talk about ourselves! But we really are proud of our work and do like to show it off - but in more fun ways, like on social media, or freebes for you.

How often should we tweet?

on Mar 23, 2018 24 Comments

In a normal blog, that title would probably read "you" instead of "we" - raising a question that you might want the answer to, and hopefully read this "post" to find out. But as you might have realised, we see it as our task to be working in the background to get YOU noticed (in a good way) and not so much about us. So, while we like to be appreciated, and to do heaps of good work, we are really happy to do it in a quiet way. So, we would love you to follow us around on twitter (or what ever your social preference), but don't expect to be showered with little bird droppings.

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Content is still king

on Mar 29, 2018 24 Comments

Usually this would be the blog where topical questions are raised in order to pique your interest in our services, or where you learn about our latest inovation. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for you) I just don't have enough spare time to cogitate over the keyboard thinking up quirky lines to make you take interest - I will let our work do the talking. So ignore those bogus stats above and if you really want to see what we are doing, follow us around on Instagram, etc, etc.

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Social media at work

on Mar 21, 2018 240001 Comments

Yep! those stats at the top really are bogus - but the topic really is real. So, for us - and you - social media being ubiquitous can be a good method of delivering real information to your client in an engaging and convenient way. For example: we could load a 3D VR image to Face Book that your client can rotate, zoom, inspect - and approve! All while they are on their daily commute. Of course FB is not for every one, that's why we offer many other options.

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